Standard Managed Hosting & Security




WEBSITE HOSTING– Includes website hosting per services outlined as “Website Hosting Tasks.”

WEBSITE MAINTENANCE– General website maintenance to keep WordPress, WordPress templates, WordPress Plugins and the web server environment up to date.

WEBSITE UPDATES– Up to one hour per month of website updates as requested by Client.

WEBSITE SECURITY– Implementation of anti-virus and anti-hacking resources to minimize the potential for the website to be compromised.

SECURITY ESCALATION– Two hours/mo of technical support to attempt to remove malicious code from the website should be become compromised. Beyond two hours, technical support fees are reduced from our standard rate of $75/hr to a reduced rate of $40/hr.

WEBSITE BACKUPS– Daily website backups covering a span of 30 days. Monthly website backups stored off-site covering a span of 4 months.


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