Basic Managed Hosting




WEBSITE HOSTING– Secure (SSL) virtual hosting to serve the website across the Internet. Allocates up to 8gb of hard drive space and 500mb of server memory, which is adequate for most small to medium sized companies. 

Includes daily backups stored for up to 14 days. Higher server demand requires a custom hosting plan. Does not include free support if a website breaks, is compromised, or hacked. Support services to repair or update a website requires EData-SharpNet Media website maintenance services. EData-SharpNet Media is not responsible for damage to, or the deletion of, a website hosted by EData-SharpNet Media. We strongly urge Client to maintain updated copies of their website(s)  at an independent location, like a DropBox or Google Drive account, or on a flash drive.

ACCEPTED USE POLICY– All content, products, services offered on hosted files must be legal and not of malicious intent for all audiences using the website.

EMAIL HOSTING– Email hosting and management for business email. Service fee is set at $3/mo per email account and features a web mail portal. Email hosting services cannot be used to transmit any unsolicited commercial or bulk email, or be engaged in any activity known or considered to be spamming or Mail Bombing

*TRANSFER FEES– Website transfer fees may apply for websites over 2gb in total file size or where non-standard complexities are identified. Transfer fees are uncommon but are charged at $75/hr. Partner will be notified ahead of time if transfer fees apply.


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