Website Content & Blogging Services (Technical Content)


Website Content & Blogging Services technical content (includes technical industries such as medical, legal, IT/Networking, etc.)

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CONTENT VOLUME– Pages of content and blogs are a minimum of 300 words, not to exceed 350.

CONTENT APPROVAL– Per Client’s request, pre-approval of content and blog topics.

CONTENT CREATION– Original content authoring ensuring completely unique content. Professionally written by EData-SharpNet Media team members. The content of the blog can be geared towards highlighting the services the client offers, the unique benefit of working with their company, company or industry news, staff biographies, and more.

Website content is crafted to cater to the topic of each page.

CONTENT EDITING– Content editing to remove grammatical errors, spelling errors, and content fluidity.

CONTENT PUBLISHING– Building the page on the website platform and including relevant pictures where applicable.


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