Social Media Post Management (For one post per week)


Services are typically bundled up, for example, a once per week post to both Facebook and Instagram for $160/mo. Social media posts are crafted to engage the audience, direct leads to the client’s website, and reinforce SEO.
Campaigns require a minimum of one weekly post. Posts not provided à la carte without a monthly service plan.
Platforms Supported
TWITTER ($5 per post discount)


SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT CREATION– Creation of social platforms if they do not yet exist.

SEO REINFORCEMENT– Campaign management will be executed in a manner that benefits SEO.

ORIGINAL CONTENT– Social media posts will be both professional and engaging. Each post is written by our team and will include copy, hashtags (where applicable), and pictures that are relevant to the client’s business. 

CREATIVE DIRECTION– We can work autonomously or address your specific requests. Our standard protocol is to  address the services/products listed on the client’s website, but we can also create posts to highlight sales/promotions, seasonal offerings, industry news, and employee/staff achievements. We can also craft posts that are funny, motivational, holiday specific, etc.

POST CREATION– Creation of the content and graphics/images needing to be posted. We can also work with creative that you provide for us.


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