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We are a digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO, PPC, web dev & content creation. Ask eData to create a comprehensive and aggressive digital marketing plan taking your business to new heights.


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What’s the point in having an awesome website if no one can find it? Your website should be a valued member of your sales team, generating sales and enquiries. We'll point you in the right direction, whether that's SEO, Google Ads or Social Media.

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website's SEO and generate more traffic.

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Intelligent, integrated digital marketing campaigns to maximize your ROI.

We offer tailored solutions to ensure we execute a digital marketing strategy that's right for your business. Our team is made up of highly experienced specialists in SEO, PR & Outreach, Social Media, Content Creation and Google Ads.

Boost your leads and sales by climbing the ranks of Google and increasing both the quality and quantity of traffic coming to your website.


Love it or hate it, the majority of society spends a huge chunk of their lives scrolling through the likes of Facebook and Instagram. Social media is one of the most powerful digital platforms on which to advertise your brand and connect with your audience, this is where our digital marketing specialists come in.

A Social Media Strategy can work perfectly with our Influencer Marketing service, utilize the celebrities of today to really boost your following.

Increase your brand awareness by getting your content in front of the right people. Ever been followed on Facebook by that pair of shoes you looked at but didn’t buy? Social media is one of the most powerful digital platforms to advertise your brand and connect with your audience, this is where our digital marketing specialists come in.
From Instagram to Facebook and LinkedIn, to the new guys on the block TikTok and Twitch, it is vital that your brand has a social media presence.


Build relationships and engage with your customers by sharing informative and entertaining content. From general lifestyle content to business updates that show your company's personality, keep your audiences in the loop!


Get your content in front of specific audiences who are likely to be interested in your products and services. We’ll design unique adverts to really draw in your audiences to make a purchase.

We put data at the forefront of your paid social campaign to target your ideal audience and ensure to achieve the highest ROI for your campaigns.


We’ve become lazy, in many cases we’d rather watch a video than read some text about the same thing. Videos perform extremely well on social media platforms and can really excite your audience, whilst showcasing your products and services in a beautifully visual way.
************ Video content can convey complex information in a highly entertaining and visually compelling way that other content types may not be able to. We can help you tell your story and spread your message using our video content services that will have everyone wishing they have the content you do.

Why not take advantage of our photography and videography services to level up your social media content. Get the high-quality content your business deserves.

Want to get social with your potential customers?

Whatever it is you want from your social media strategy, we can work our magic and connect your brand to your audience in a way that works.


Influencers have taken over the world and are the new celebrities of our time.

From micro to macro influencers, with loyal audiences, they can provide your brand with the attention and exposure you need in order to grow. Influencers can promote an endorsement to tens of thousands of people specifically targeted to your audience.


We use our specialist tools and software to help us identify and contact the perfect influencers for your industry. We only target influencers with engaged audiences, so there’s no need to worry about fake fans or bots!

With over approximately 30 million influencers worldwide spread across a range of social media platforms, there is an influencer for every target audience. With our experience and data tools, we can implement an influencer strategy tailored to your brand, objectives, and target audience to provide long-term results.

From Instagram to Tiktok we can get your brand recognized on a variety of platforms with an aim to increase ROI.


Influencer outreach is a powerful strategy for raising brand awareness and allowing others to find your brand through social media. The aim of influencer outreach is to raise exposure of your product or service by promoting your brand through a social media campaign to their larger platform. We would work closely alongside influencers to run a campaign targeted to your specific audience and in return increase brand exposure.


Media relations, when used effectively, can gain exposure and build a reputation from a third party source. This can include any personal achievements, exciting updates or features with your expertise. We aim to gain you strong media coverage specific to your niche, and earn you credible links back to your website to further increase organic growth and brand authority.

Media relations offers credibility and can build trust with customers. Using our connections we can target the right journalist and media outlets to gain you the best coverage and get your story out.

All of these powerful marketing techniques can increase brand awareness, increase traffic rates and sales. We pride ourselves on delivering successful media campaigns that will with your brand authority across the search engines.

Like the sound of influencer marketing?

Get in touch and we’ll help you build your brand.


Increase the quality and quantity of traffic to your website...

All whilst climbing the ranks with an SEO campaign consisting of; bespoke strategies, content, outreach, PR and technical techniques.

Our team of results-driven, dynamic SEO experts specialize in all areas of organic search. From on-page, off-page and everything in-between, we build high-quality links to increase both traffic and improved positions in search results.

Our ethical, carefully considered techniques come to your aid to improve your visibility to those that are searching for your products and services.

We may be based in Boca Raton, Florida in the North East, but we’re globally focused. Come Surge with us.


Search engines need to be able to crawl, understand and index your website effectively, this is the goal of technical optimization. Making your site as easy to access for both humans and bots will have you on the way to SEO success.

  • Technical Audits
  • Site Structure & Architecture
  • Mobile Performance & User Experience
  • Site Speed Optimization
  • Indexation & Crawling Issues

PR & Outreach is a vital part of any SEO strategy. Not only do we get your site linked to from reputable sources, but we get your brand out there! Give the trustworthiness, reliability, and visibility of your brand a Surge!

Our PR & Outreach team offer quality brand awareness and exposure with the tools to hit the ground running. No buying backlinks here! We'll get you coverage by utilizing press requests, brand mentions and old school journalism. Our team has great relationships with both local and national journalists, paired with excellent content creation, we know what makes a good story.


We love writing content. From blogs to website copy and content marketing campaigns, we'll create content that your audience actually want to read. Content is still king when it comes to an SEO campaign, so it's worth your while bringing in the professionals!

The Surge content writing team will become an extension of your brand. We'll make sure that the tone of voice throughout is exactly how you want to showcase your brand to your audiences.


Does your branding need a makeover?

Whether you want something funky, professional, elegant or wacky, we’d love to concoct designs to wow your customers!

From web and UX design to print, strong design has the power to tell the story of your brand in the first few seconds of someone seeing it, so it’s vital that you get it right. After all, you never get a second chance at a first impression.


Want a sleek and responsive digital design for your new website? Some awesome visuals to accompany your social media posts? What about email marketing campaigns that instantly engage your audience? Whatever digital designs you need, we are at your service!

You don't get a second chance at a first impression. Design has the power to tell your story and identify your brand in a matter of seconds so it's important to get it right. We'll go through the entire process with your interests at the heart of everything we do.


Branding is at the core of your business. From your logo to your full branding guideline documents. Whatever it is you need branding, we can help you showcase your business with designs that are out of this world!

No business is too small for high-quality branding and we want to make sure you get noticed. We believe in developing a clear and memorable brand to make your business stand out. Whether you're a start-up company or an already established one looking for a re-vamp, we're here to help!

Want bold and beautiful designs to showcase your business?

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